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Brightlink Professional Development Programmes

Our professional development courses are intended to support your current career and your aspirations. Our units are grouped by professional sectors, you can buy and work through one or several units at a time or you can purchase a membership subscription as an individual or for your organisation. Membership can give you access to all units within a professional sector or access for you and a number of your colleagues to one or more units.

Each unit subscription gives between 1 and 12 months access to online materials, dependent on the unit selected and some have access to a tutor or supporter too. Have a look at the course information for each unit to find out more.

Our professional development programmes are CPD certified and those completing them can gain CPD points and a certificate.

We work with partners and contributors to bring you expertise in specialist areas. Between us all, we have decades of experience of teaching and learning, qualifications, training, business, law, distance learning, working restoratively, insurance services, financial services, front line support, domestic abuse services, psychotherapy and life coaching.

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Blueprint Professional Programme

There are separate awareness raising courses for individuals experiencing domestic abuse and for professionals, to develop a deeper awareness of themselves, to understand abuse more fully and the wider impact on men and families.  

Heroes Blueprint Professional course has been developed with professionals in mind to answer questions such as “What’s really going on?” and “How can I engage men who often feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help?” 

As well as being able to explore some of one’s own inner story, the course will help you further develop your ability to establish rapport, enhance your non-judgemental listening skills and to be better able to support men living with abuse.

This awareness course is valuable for any professionals who are currently working with or wishing to engage men.  We have found, over the last 10 years that men are often socially isolated and can struggle to share emotions.  We have successfully facilitated this programme for men who are living with abuse and no longer living with their partners.  

Included in the professional’s package are resources such as awareness raising questions to ask, information on recognising the signs, referral forms and risk assessments.   

Professionals will be able to gain career personal development points and a certificate of completion.

To find out more about Blueprint you can email tammi&   

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