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Whether it’s a general question around the way we work, or something more specific about one of our services – if you’ve got a quick question, we’ve likely got the answer here.

If you can’t find an answer – get in touch by email or go to our Contact Us page and we will do what we can to help you out.


When and how can I enrol for a  Brightlink professional development course?

You simply buy online in our course shop and checkout using PayPal, either via an account or as a guest using a debit or credit card.

Once you have purchased your access to the course materials will be available within 24 hours and usually much sooner.

What if I forgot my login details?

You can contact

Heroes Training

Who can access my profile?

Your profile can be accessed by Brightlink’s site administrators and technical support staff, but full confidentiality applies.

What if I need support with any parts of the programme

If nothing in this Q&A section helps, if your question is technical, you can contact if your question is specific to the Heroes Training programme, you can contact

Can I access more specific help if feel I need to after or during the program?

Yes, there is the option to work with Tammi or Max one to one by separate arrangement with Heroes Training, for an additional fee. This would be individual professional coaching around working with men living with abuse. This will be at reduced rate as you have purchased the online programme first. For more information on this, contact to discuss your requirements and for more details.  

Do I need to complete the unit modules in order?

Yes, we’ve designed the programme to work most effectively when completed in the order set out.

Can I access materials offline?

Some materials are PDF files which can be downloaded and printed to keep for future reference or to fill in a hard copy.

Can I access my completed Blueprint modules from my profile at a later date?

Yes, as well as printing off PDFs, to form a useful reference booklet, you will be able to retrieve them via your profile for up to six months from the time of purchase.

Can I use the material with others?

Blueprint material is copyrighted, so you can use the materials as part of your professional development and to explore your particular situation. You can of course refer to the material and discuss your learning with others where you feel it’s appropriate. There are also some exercises in Blueprint, where you can ask others for feedback as part of the module, to help you gain some awareness around a particular area of your professional life. We ask everyone to respect our copyright and refer others onto the programme if they feel it would be useful to them.

What do I get on completion of Blueprint?

You will get a CPD certificate, you also have the opportunity to print out some PDFs to form a reference workbook and completion and you will gain CPD points.

Will Blueprint enable me to mentor or train others in domestic abuse?

The Blueprint professional awareness programme is a foundation programme, so it’s focus is on professional (and some personal) development specifically when working with men who are living with abuse. As a professional you will gain insight into your beliefs around abuse within relationships, gain clarity and understanding and thus be able to engage with men who are being abused more effectively.

CPD for Education Professionals

Whether it’s a general question around the way we work, or something more specific about one of our services – if you have a quick question, we may have the answer here.

If you cannot find the answer you’re looking for, call us on 02921 888386, get in touch by email or go to our contact us page. We’ll be delighted to speak to you.

What do you get when you buy a Brightlink  education CPD unit?

Access to online learning materials and sometimes links to other good sources. These are written by specialists with a lot of experience to share. Units are CPD certified and recognised as counting towards your annual CPD requirement.

Which CPD units do Brightlink offer?

You can find the current list of units on our courses page, this list will be regularly updated as we add more units. If you would like to study something we don’t offer yet, let us know and we will try to add it for you.

When and how can I enrol for a CPD course?

It’s easy, you can either select your units, purchase in our online shop and begin. Or you can contact us on to request an invoice and pay by bank transfer, your course access would then be arranged and available to you as soon as the payment clears.

How long does a CPD unit take to study?

This varies, some units are longer than others. You can find out about the length of each unit of study in the course information that will appear if you click on the unit name on our courses page.

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