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Brightlink Personal Development Programmes

High quality learning experiences have the power to transform lives and communities.

Our short online units of personal development can help you learn new things about yourself, other people, organisations, processes, behaviours and give you all sorts of useful insights.

Brightlink’s vision and mission of ‘Inspiring potential with blue sky learning management’ refers to a needs led, strengths based approach to learner centred, lifelong learning.  We enable and empower learning for all, in their context, at their pace.

Our personal development programmes might give you understanding or improvement of the most basic or most complex things in your day to day life. You can buy and work through one or several units at a time. Each subscription gives from 1 to 12 months access to online materials, dependent on the unit selected and some have access to a tutor or supporter too. Have a look at the course information for each unit to find out more.

Some of our programmes are for adults, some for children and young people and some for whole families together or either children or adults.

You can find courses that can help your continuing professional development and start or boost your career in our CILEx and Professional development pages.

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