The Journey to Partnership as a CILEx Lawyer and How to Maximise Your Employability

Donna Hart joins us in two of our Spotlight event sessions on Wednesday 26th May.

Along with Frances Edwards Donna will discuss becoming and working as a partner. These experienced and respected practitioners, both known for raising the profile of CILEx Lawyers and innovating within the legal community will share their own career stories and how you can pursue your goals if partnership is something that you have in mind.

Highly Commended for her visionary leadership and for advancing the legal profession Donna Hart is an award-winning family lawyer, director and mentor. She worked her way up from an entry-level position to earn her seat at the boardroom table and owner of the business.  Donna has been supporting family law clients and CILEX students for over a decade and is passionate about making sure both are supported to reach their goals.  She was also one of the founding members of the successful Devon Cilex branch support group.

Donna and our other panellist employers will be explaining why they as employers want to work with CILEx Lawyers and as a CILEx Lawyer herself Donna will share her thoughts on how to maximise employability and show your value when looking for employment.

You can join us and put your questions to Donna by booking here Eventbrite Link


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