LP0001-Mental Health and Wellbeing Awareness for Lawyers




Course Information

Provider – Brightlink Learning & Heroes Training

Awarding Organisation – CPD Registration Service

Course ID – LP0001

Course Name – Mental Health and Wellbeing Awareness for Lawyers

Course duration – 1-month subscription, takes approx. 1 hour to complete

Instructors on Course – Self-Study course without instructor input

What does this course cover?

This continuing professional development unit for legal professionals provides a very basic introduction to mental health and wellbeing.

It should take you around an hour to complete. If you wish to learn more after completing this information and awareness study unit, there is a three-hour understanding mental health and wellbeing unit too. This longer unit includes everything this one does but also extra information and resources.

The aim of this unit is:

To share information, ideas, resources and links to support for mental health and wellbeing.

The objectives are that at the end of this unit you will be able to:

  • manage your own mental health at work
  • reach out to a colleague in distress
  • work with others to make your workplace more mentally healthy for everyone
  • support a colleague to seek help
  • work supportively with a person with ongoing mental health problems

Who is the course for?


Law students

What qualification will you get?

CPD certificate and 1 CPD points/ hours from the CPD Registration Service.

Other related courses in this area of Study?

Understanding mental health and awareness CPD.

Heroes Training can also help you with Mental Health First Aid Training or with support and supervision from a clinical psychotherapist and qualified life coach. If you are interested in this or any other extra training or support from Heroes Training you can contact them directly or via Brightlink.

How distance learning works with Brightlink Learning

You will have access to a series of online materials which may be text, images, film and links to other websites, articles or further reading.

There is an induction page which is generic for all professional development units, explaining how the site works and how our range of units work. Each CPD unit has its own introduction page which will give you some more information about each individual unit.

This unit is CPD certified, which means that when you complete it and the short assessment at its end, you will receive CPD points/ hours and a certificate will be requested for you from the CPD Registration Service to acknowledge your achievement. Only one certificate and set of CPD points can be provided per unit purchase. It’s important each person achieves their own learning and assessment success. So do tell friends and colleagues if the content of this unit may be useful to them, let them know how they can develop their ideas and professional practice with us too.

You could choose to work your way through this information unit individually, or to follow

up on your reading with a group discussion in your workplace or other setting. You and your colleagues can study and learn without any further input than this unit, or the online materials can be part of a face to face CPD session facilitated by Heroes Training specialist team.

Other useful information?If anything you read during study of this unit makes you feel unhappy or worried, please speak to the Mental Health First Aider or Wellbeing Champion within your organisation if they have them. You can seek help from your GP at any time, and there are excellent services via organisations such as Mind and Lawcare. This unit of study is not a replacement for therapeutic or medical help, you must seek help if you are concerned about your own wellbeing and if you are concerned about a colleague or client you should advise them to seek help.

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