CILEx Legal Research Skills


CILEX Legacy Skills are coming to an end.

CILEX Level 3 skills has now had its last exam entry and now is no longer available.

CILEX Level 6 skills are now closed to new entry with us, as we are fully subscribed until 2026.

CILEx Legal Research Skills

What does this course cover?

  • How to analyse the scope and complexity of a practical legal problem requiring research.
  • How to evaluate legal research sources.
  • How to perform legal research.
  • Analysing the law in relation to specific legal problems.
  • Synthesising research to present evidence.

Who is the course for?

  • Learners who wish to follow the CILEx professional route to become Chartered Legal Executives.
  • Please see the schedule to ensure you can meet the relevant deadlines if you intend to enter this assessment in the submission window.


Each year you have two opportunities to enter your professional skills work for a CILEx submission window. You must enter yourself as you would for an examination and you are responsible for knowing and following the relevant deadlines for this and meeting the costs.

Only work which is assessed to be a pass by your centre’s tutor and internal verifier can be submitted to CILEx. So you must achieve that pass before entering yourself for the assessment via the CILEx examination entry process. If you enter yourself before you have a provisional pass from your Brightlink tutor and internal verifier you may be unable to submit your work to the External Verifier, if this happens you will lose your money and have to pay CILEx again for another opportunity to submit.

Your course subscription with Brightlink gives you two opportunities to submit your assessed work for marking. If you do not pass on your second submission you will move on to the next available course and submit your work in a future assessment window. You will need to pay for another course.

CILEx have very strict rules forbidding most feedback by tutors and internal verifiers. You must ensure you are familiar with their regulations which are followed by Brightlink at all times.

No matter what the opinion of the assessing tutor and internal verifier the final decision of pass or fail lies with the CILEx External Verifier and their ultimate discretion. We have no control over this but will try to advise you on the steps to give you the best chance in that final assessment.

See our terms and conditions for the service level we offer in relation to marking times for skills work. Each marking takes 21 working days.

What qualification will you get?

This unit is not a stand-alone qualification, it is a mandatory part of the  CILEx level 6 Diploma in Law and Practice

Jan 2024 – Jan 2025 Submission to CILEX

You must ensure you are able to attend all listed meetings before enrolling. These dates cannot be changed.

Learner: Enrolment window and course start. 22nd Jan to 2ndth Feb 2024
Tutor: Introductory and welcome email sent to all learners. 5th February 2024
New Learners: Send tutor a list of available times on, 7th, 8th and 12th  Feb. Read and watch online induction unit. 5th February 2024
Tutor: Confirm time booked in for one-to-one induction, send induction information. 6th February 2024
Learner and Tutor: One to one inductions. 7th, 8th and 12th Feb 2024
Learner: Read through introductory notes and assessment information and prepare a list of questions. 12th to 19th Feb 2024
Learner and Tutor: Group workshop answering questions and preparing to work through unit. (1 workshop will be held 1-2.30 and another 5.30 – 7, learners must book onto one or the other) 19th and 20th Feb 2024
Learner: Begin completing first draft of tasks. 20th February 2024
Learner: Submit first draft of coursework – all tasks. 21st  March 2024 (5pm)
Tutor: Send all learners results of their first marking. 23rd  April 2024
Learner and Tutor: One individual meeting with tutor per learner, by appointment. 24th Apr to 2nd May 2024
Learner: final submission for last (2nd of 2 opportunities) marking of all tasks. Send all tasks at the same time. (Submissions made after this date will be marked later and held for June 2024 submission) 8th August 2024
Assessor: electronically mark all tasks and feedback to learners whether their work is being passed to next stage or requires further work and additional marking fees by: 9th September 2024
Assessor: Collate and send passed submissions to arrive with IV by 9th September 2024
Learner: CILEX membership last registration in time for entry. TBC
Internal Verifier: last marking and reporting deadline. 27th September 2024
Internal Verifier: Collate IVed work and return to assessor accompanied by IV reports internal and external, electronically to arrive with them by. 1st October 2024
Assessor: notify learners if work is passed by assessment and IV to inform examination entry by. 1st October 2024
Learner: CILEX Online exam entry deadline. TBC
Brightlink HQ: CILEX professional skills submission window. TBC
CILEX: Final results released TBC

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