Blueprint Professional Development-Working With Women Living With Abuse



Blueprint Professional Development-Working With Women Living With Abuse

Key Information

Provider – Heroes Training

Level – Heroes Foundation. National qualification level would be equivalent to about level 4 but the qualification is not accredited.

Unit ID – BPDF

Unit Name – Blueprint Professional Development-Working With Women Living With Abuse

Course duration – 3 month subscription

Learning hours – 20

Instructors on Course – Self study course

What does this course cover?

Develop awareness of the part you play, working with women and how, through this programme you can develop tools and techniques for working with women living with abuse.

You will be able to see why women may find it difficult to disclose abuse.  By taking this programme you will be able to explore your professional practice more fully and discuss with the person you’re working with how you can support them and work with them to disclose and make more resourceful decisions.

By the end of this unit you will be able to:

  1. Identify the four different selves that comprise you
  2. Understand the four personas and which is most like you
  3. Name the three ego states
  4. Understand complimentary, crossed and ulterior transactions
  5. Identify different kinds of strokes
  6. Classify what may be painful and what may be pleasurable.

Who is this course for?

  • Professionals who work with female victims of abuse from their partner.
  • Professionals who come into contact with female victims of domestic abuse.
  • Professionals who wish to increase their self-awareness when working with females living with partner abuse
  • Professionals who want to explore their own beliefs around domestic abuse and female clients.
  • Professionals working with female clients who wish to refer to an awareness program.
  • Anyone wishing to be more aware of the impact on women of living with abuse
  • Any professional wishing to reflect on their professional and personal interactions in order to become more proficient at engaging with women living with abuse
  • Statutory services such as social services, probation, health, housing and other support staff
  • 3rd sector agencies and charities such as victim support services
  • Counsellors wishing to develop further in their therapeutic practice
  • Professionals who have referred a client onto our personal development programmes for females who are living with abuse and wish to experience the programme too

What qualification will you get?


Other related courses in this area of Study?

Although this foundation level is self-contained, if you are interested in exploring further, there will be a next level programme in time, that moves deeper into self-awareness and personal/professional development.

How distance learning works with Brightlink Learning with a Heroes Training Professional Unit

Q What do you get when you buy the Blueprint Foundation level program?

  • Blueprint is not a programme about domestic abuse. It’s a programme that encourages you to explore your associations with domestic abuse. Specifically, it is an exploration of your interaction with women who are living with abuse.  You will also get tried and tested helpful hints and tips from specialists who have been working in the field of domestic abuse for over 25 years.
  • Blueprint is interactive and requires you to be willing to explore your beliefs, perspectives and attitudes as a professional working directly or indirectly with female clients living with abuse.
  • Working through Blueprint gives you the opportunity to increase your self-awareness, by eliciting feedback on chosen aspects of yourself. You also build practical knowledge of working more effectively with women, with greater insight into how and why women present as they do.
  • You can increase your effectiveness when working with female clients, both by exploring your own beliefs and perspectives and taking the opportunity to carefully and non-judgementally question any assumptions you may have about domestic abuse and/or women living with abuse. This can lead to increased engagement and more appropriate, targeted and effective support for female clients.
  • Blueprint uses online materials, quizzes and carefully constructed reflective questions. This adds to your practical knowledge of working with women who present as living with abuse, as well as building on your abilities to assess your own interactions and behaviours.
  • Blueprint is a doing programme, even though it uses theories and models to explore the subject. You will need to dig deep and question with an open mind. This will lead to the programmes main objective – awareness.
  • Awareness of why people choose to make the decisions they make, and insight into how your own beliefs, values and morals affect your decision making.
  • This is a real opportunity to reflect on your own personal and professional development in the field of domestic abuse and effective work with female victims.
  • This course  alone does not qualify you to work with people experiencing domestic abuse. This is an awareness unit and you should take great care not to dabble in any way in work for which you are not qualified or experiences or to risk anyone’s wellbeing.

Other useful information?

Q When and how can I enrol for The Blueprint programme?

You can buy a unit and begin whenever you choose. Blueprint can help raise awareness of professional and client relationships and help with engaging women living with abuse.

Just go to our courses page/ shop, select Blueprint and place it in your basket.


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