Brightlink is working with some remarkable legal professionals to bring training, mentoring and coaching to those who are in the early leadership stage of their career or those working towards leadership in the legal sector in the very near future.

This is a key part of Brightlink’s end to end strategy to offer lawyers and the organisations they work within a full solution to all their learning and development needs. Bespoke, practical training for leaders in law is not something that is readily available outside some individual in house training programmes. Often we hear from people that their experience in terms of number of post qualification years enables them to progress into a leadership role. However they feel they don’t have business, people management or other leadership skills and they lack the insight of experience in key areas of management.

The calibre, passion and experience of the contributors to the Leading Law® accelerator brings something unique to the learning delegates will experience and its impact on organisations and careers. Working together, this team makes for a powerhouse course with transformative potential. You won’t find this team and this combination of skills, experience and qualification anywhere else, it’s a real opportunity to learn and benchmark and see the benefits of that in outcomes for your business and clients.

As an individual this programme will fast track your career and offer you some once in a lifetime opportunities.

Each week we’ve been revealing the name of one of the fantastic people who will contribute to the Leading Law® accelerator and this week we’re thrilled to announce that Ann Page will be joining us to share leadership insights and strategies with you and your teams.

Ann Page is a Top 100 lawyer of the year (2003), who switched from being a business lawyer in industry to a non-practising solicitor who teaches and coaches on business subjects.  She has trained nearly 7000 lawyers since 2003 on business skills including leadership, management and interpersonal skills. Ann has written three books and her latest ‘Business skills? Don’t be daft I am a lawyer!’ is endorsed by three Managing Partners. It contains practical advice and exercises to those setting up in business or running their own. 29 legal business owners share their stories of forging their own path including the highs and lows.

On the Brightlink legal leadership programme, Ann will be facilitating masterclasses and question and answer sessions on business strategy, models of working, starting a business, leading in house and continuous improvement. Ann will also be one of our accountability coaches, working with small groups of individuals to offer specific guidance and help them put into practice for their employer what they’re learning on the accelerator.

Anyone interested in learning more about Ann can visit her website here  and to learn more about Leading Law® you  can contact Brightlink’s Law School on 02921 888386 or

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