CILEX for Law Graduates

Graduating with a law degree or Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) is a sign that you have worked hard and have some excellent, transferable skills to take with you not just on your next steps but throughout your career.

On its own, though a law degree or GDL does not enable you to take up a full career in the legal profession or any associated progression routes. You need to take some further steps towards your chosen career. You may choose to study for a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and undertake teaching practice and become a teacher or lecturer. You may choose to go even further into academia or become a researcher by following your law degree or GDL with masters and PHD qualifications.

You may choose to undertake the Bar Practice Course and then Pupillage to become a Barrister. If you want a career as a Solicitor, you will take Solicitors Qualifying Exams and spend two years in qualifying employment.

One route to becoming a specialist lawyer is that offered via CILEX Professional Qualifications (CPQ) from the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX). Following your degree or GDL you start working in an entry level role in the legal sector and you study the CPQ Graduate Fast Track while completing your qualifying work experience.

To follow the CPQ Graduate Fast Track, you choose your specialist pathway from:

  • Dispute resolution.
  • Criminal practice.
  • Immigration.
  • Family litigation.
  • Wills and probate.
  • Property and Conveyancing.
  • Business and employment law.


You will study 7 or 8 units/ subjects depending on your pathway. This is significantly less than the 15 units that normally make up the full CPQ. This is because of the exemptions your degree/ GDL give you.

Depending how much time you spend on your study each week, your course could take you anywhere between 2 and 4 years. The cost will depend on the learning centre you choose to work with and will range from £6,650. This can be paid across the duration of your study and in interest free instalments.


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