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Whether it’s a general question around the way we work, or something more specific about one of our services – if you’ve got a quick question, we’ve likely got the answer here.

If you can’t find an answer – get in touch by email or go to our Contact Us page and we will do what we can to help you out.

Why are Brightlink units so cheap?

We’d say reasonably priced rather than cheap because although they’re affordable they are definitely high quality in content and delivery.

When we set our pricing structure we aren’t driven by profit, we need to cover our costs to make sure our materials are always accessible and to offer our staff and their families a living wage. We add only a small amount for development so we can keep improving our offer to learners and because we want to save some to be able to offer scholarships in future. If you need to finish your studies and need a little help to do so financially in future we’d like to be able to help you with that.

We only want to see you what you need and a little more for your comfort and convenience. A level 3 unit takes an average of 12 weeks to complete, distance learning lets you learn in your own time of course, and so you may take less or more time. We give you a 6 month subscription. Why pay for a year or more when what you need is 3-6 months?

What do you get when you buy a Brightlink CILEx unit?

A face to face one to one induction via video conferencing.

A restorative approach to your learning where you and your tutor will discuss what you need to do your best and agree a mutual learning contract based on that.

Access for the length of your subscription to our online materials which are written and triple quality checked by experts within the fields of education and law.

Unlimited access to a tutor who will know you and your learning well, by email and video conferencing.

What do I need to provide to study for CILEx qualifications with Brightlink?

The formula for success in studying CILEx is time and commitment plus tutor guidance and reading what the examiner is reading. CILEx examiners recommend a text to read for each unit at both levels. When they’re writing the exam paper they’ll be expecting that you have read that book and will know what’s in it. Recommended texts are published by a variety of publishers. At level 6 these can be found on the CILEx website under recommended reading at level 3 the recommended texts are published by CILEx Law School please be careful when using the shop you only need the relevant manual not the full course. Your tutor will support you fully with updates and revision so you won’t need to pay for any extra time or materials.

Which units do Brightlink offer?

You can find the units we currently have on offer and see which units are coming soon on our courses page

Brightlink are accredited by CILEx to offer all units at levels 3 and 6 and we are working towards having them all there. It takes time to do something really well so bear with us as we write, quality assure and test our units, if you would like to know when the unit you need will be available drop us a line or give us a call and we will give you an estimate of where that unit is on our development timeline.

Is a new provider as good as one that has been around for a long time?

Not necessarily, but they can be better! More accredited centres are a great thing for learners, giving you choice and value. It’s entirely acceptable to take units with a number of different providers so you can try and find out what works best for you.

Brightlink may be new but the people in the team are definitely not. We’re bringing years of experience with many different centres to a new format, learning from all we’ve done, filling gaps and making a unique offer.

When and how can I enrol for a Brightlink CILEx course?

You can buy a unit and begin whenever you choose. For professional skills units see the assessment schedule. For all other units just go to our courses page/ shop, select the units you would like to study and place them in your basket. Then checkout and our system will let us know we need to approve you to join the course and allocate your tutor which we’ll do as quickly as we possibly can. You can access your materials immediately after we approve your registration and your tutor will be in touch very soon.

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