A Unique Leadership Programme for the Legal Sector

By Lorna Baldry

Myself and Hannah Beko, who is also a lawyer, coach and trainer have teamed up with legal professionals to design and develop a brand new leadership programme for the legal sector, the Leading Law® Accelerator.

We hear from lawyers that they don’t feel they have any, or sufficient training in some of the key aspects of leadership. They may be promoted to a leadership role because of excellent and extensive experience in their area of practice but they don’t feel they know what they need to about managing people or projects, about business strategy or marketing. They aren’t sure how to set up and run their own law firm or how to lead within a firm at all and they can find the obligations and duties involved overwhelming.

Leading Law is a 12-month accelerator for lawyers who are already in or are working towards leadership roles. It will be an incredibly effective programme for organisations to prepare and progress those they see leadership potential in within their teams.

Key leaders and influencers in the legal sector will host masterclasses and Q&A sessions to share real, practical skills and experience. Leading Law® will see lawyers become more effective leaders, who have strong relationships with their clients and peers, build inspiring teams, and bring fresh thinking to the profession. The programme, consisting of practical sessions, interactive activities and dedicated time with other leaders in the legal sector, will accelerate legal careers.

We are offering a unique opportunity, over a sustained period of time to learn from those who are successful in legal leadership roles already. A programme of coaching and accountability that can’t be found anywhere else, with challenges and the support and encouragement to apply everything learned to the workplace in real time, bringing benefits to the individuals participating and also their teams and whole organisations. Imagine securing face to face time with some of the best and brightest in the legal profession and being able to learn from them and their experiences, then apply it to your own work and organisation under their expert guidance.

The accelerator will cover key leadership topics and areas of work such as building and leading a team, networking, workload and wellbeing, identity and influence, leading legal knowledge and practice, strategy, relationships and collaboration, self-awareness and development and neurodiversity and leadership. All of these are core units in the programme. In addition, delegates can choose three optional topics from models of working, starting a business, branding, marketing, continuous improvement, leading in house and data and analysis.

I’m delighted to launch the programme, which is now accepting expressions of interest from individuals and organisations who would like to benefit from the momentum and exclusive content of our first accelerator. Those who explress an interest will be invited to apply and we will select those who best fit the programmes aims and can benefit most.

From this week, Brightlink’s social media will reveal the identify of a contributor every week until you’ve met everyone who will be sharing their insights and experience. We can’t wait for you to see the incredible expertise you can only gather in one place from being a part of this select programme.

Anyone interested in learning more can contact Brightlink’s Law School on 02921 888386 or connect@brightlink.org.uk

All our main social media platforms will include a person by person reveal of contributors in coming weeks.

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